What Locks Cannot be Picked?

Lock picking is a serious concern for anyone who values their security. It’s a skill anyone can learn quickly and use to gain access to your property without your knowledge.

Did you know? Not all locks can be picked easily! Some locks are specially designed to give even the most experienced lock pickers a hard time. Let’s dive deep into pick-proof locks, exploring their unique features and why they are considered nearly impossible.

So, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or just interested in lock picking, read on to discover what locks cannot be picked.


Types of Locks

Key Locks

Key locks are the most common and traditional type of lock. They require a unique physical key to open the lock. While key locks can be picked, there are pick-resistant and pick-proof options available that make them more secure.

Combination Locks

A combination lock uses a code or sequence of numbers to open the lock. Unlike key locks, they do not require a physical key, making them more secure. However, some combination locks, especially those with a simple code or pattern, can still be picked.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the latest technology in locking systems. They use a smartphone or a code to unlock the lock, making them much more secure than traditional locks. A smart lock is difficult to pick or bump, adding extra security to your property.

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are designed to resist picking, bumping, and drilling. They are made with hardened steel, security pins, and complex inner workings, making them more challenging to pick. High-security locks include Mul-T-Lock, EVVA MCS, and HYT Chain Key.

Unpickable Locks

Some locks are specifically designed to be unpickable. These locks often have a unique-looking key or a complex locking mechanism that requires the right tools and knowledge to open. One example of an unpickable lock is the Chi Me U Lock.

Features of Pick-Proof Locks

Security Pins

Security pins possess unique shapes and sizes that make them difficult to identify and manipulate, challenging lock pickers to pick the lock.

Obstructed Keyway

The keyway is the opening where the key is inserted.

Some locks have an obstructed keyway, making it difficult for lock pickers to access the lock’s inner workings.

Sharp Turns

Locks with sharp turns in the keyway are more difficult to pick as they require a skilled locksmith to navigate the turns.

Magnetic Pattern

Some locks use a magnetic pattern to secure the lock. This magnetic lock makes it difficult for lock pickers to manipulate and open the pins.

Locks That Cannot Be Picked


EVVA MCS is a high-security lock that is virtually unpickable. It has a unique locking mechanism requires a specific key and a complex inner workings design that makes it difficult to manipulate.

HYT Chain Key

HYT Chain Key is another example of a lock that is extremely difficult to pick. It has a unique key and a complex design that makes it resistant to picking and drilling.

Padlocks with a Restricted Keyway

Padlocks with a restricted keyway are difficult to pick because they have a unique keyway that only authorized locksmiths can access.

Abloy Protec2

Abloy Protec2 is a lock designed to resist picking, bumping, drilling, and even physical attacks. It uses rotating discs instead of traditional pins, making picking very difficult.

Medeco Maxum

Medeco Maxum is a high-security lock that uses angled cuts on its key, making it difficult to duplicate. It also uses a sidebar mechanism that makes it resistant to picking and bumping.

While no lock is entirely pick-proof, there are many options available that are difficult to pick and provide high levels of security. Consider investing in high-security locks, mainly if you live in an area with increased break-ins.

Remember, the best defense against lock picking is to use a combination of high-security locks and other security measures such as cameras, alarms, and secure doors.


Are pick-proof locks completely unpickable? 

Although there is no such thing as an unpickable lock, pick-proof locks are designed to resist traditional lock-picking methods. They incorporate various security features that make them more challenging to manipulate, such as security pins, obstructed keyways, sharp turns, and magnetic patterns. However, it is still possible for a skilled and determined locksmith to pick them.

What is the most pick-proof lock? 

There is no universal solution to this query as multiple facets impact it, such as the required security level and the precise application. However, high-security locks such as Mul-T-Lock, EVVA MCS, and HYT Chain Key are some examples of highly pick-resistant locks.

Can smart locks be picked? 

Smart locks use electronic components such as sensors, motors, and microcontrollers to function. While generally more secure than traditional locks, they aren’t immune to hacking and other cyber attacks. However, conventional lock-picking techniques are ineffective because they need a physical keyway.

How do I know if my lock is pick-proof? 

There is no fully guaranteed way to know if a lock is completely pick-proof, as even the most secure locks can be picked given enough time and skill. However, high-security locks with security pins, an obstructed keyway, sharp turns, and magnetic patterns are generally more pick-resistant than traditional locks. Additionally, look for locks with certifications from organizations like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ensure they meet industry standards for security.

Can pick-proof locks still be opened with a key? 

Yes, pick-proof locks can still be opened with a key, as they are designed to resist picking and manipulation, not physical entry with the correct key. Many pick-proof locks use a combination of security features and a physical key to provide the highest level of security possible. Always keep your keys in a secure location, and don’t share them with unauthorized individuals.

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