What Our Customers Say About Us?

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Oftentimes, the previous owner of your newly acquired house has plenty of spare keys when they were still residing in that place. If you do not want to let any strangers come into your home quickly, you have two options – rekey or lock replacement.

Rekeying is more practical, affordable, and less invasive to the locks of your home. Meanwhile, lock replacement is more expensive and requires the overall removal of the old lock and installing a new one.

Your lost keys will be in the hand of a stranger or opportunistic criminal, to prevent any future burglary you need to rekey or replace your old lock pins.

Rekeying is typically recommended because it is more practical and economical compared to the latter. Your existing lock will be retrofitted to fit the new key made as a replacement. After rekeying, all previous keys workable on your rekeyed lock will no longer be functional.

If your key broke and got stuck inside the lock before locking the door, there is a great risk you are unable to lock it. In contrast, you are unable to open your door if the key snaps after shutting it out. If your key snaps and get stuck inside, you can try retrieving it on your own, but to avoid any hassle and further damage on your lock, better call us for our key extraction service.

You will definitely have zero worries for any damage when you call us for our auto locksmith service. Our locksmiths are highly trained, licensed and bonded to all sorts of makes and models of vehicles. If you do not have a solid knowledge dealing with car lockouts, call us for the job.

If this problem happens, you must first diagnose the possible culprits. Some of the common reasons for this to happen include a locked steering wheel forgot to set parking gear, a foreign object on the car key, dead battery, and damaged key.

When you do not have the proper tools and experience, call us for our auto locksmith service. We have three options to resolve this issue – broken car key extraction, ignition repair or replacement services.

Rekeying means that your existing locks will be retrofitted and modified to fit the new keys made to pair it. It is more economical compared to lock replacement.

There are plenty of ways you can do to increase the security of your home or commercial buildings. To make it more cost-efficient and accurate, you can call us for your residential or commercial locksmith requirements. We can do the following measures to increase the security level of your home or office.

  • Installing high-security locks and deadbolts
  • Installation of Digital keypads, door closers, and electronic strikes
  • Door sound alarm, CCTV, and intercom system installation
  • Periodic maintenance of residential and commercial lock systems

You have two options for this situation – rekeying or lock replacement. If your existing lock is already old and rustic, then going for lock replacement is most suitable. Meanwhile, if the locks are still fine but you lost the keys for it, then rekeying is your most practical and economical option.

Rekeying your locks means taking out the old springs and pins inside the lock cylinder, then replacing them with a new one that pairs with a new key.

If the existing locks of your home are way passed over the rekeying stage, then a lock replacement is the best option. In contrast, you can do rekeying if the locks are still in good condition.