Do Locksmiths Damage Locks?

When customers call Legacy Locksmith, one of the most common concerns they have is that bypassing a lock to get access to their vehicle or property may cause harm to the lock itself. As a consequence of this, people are uncertain as to whether or not they will require the purchase of a new lock after picking an existing lock.


What Happens if a Non-Professional Picks a Lock?

There are several methods a locksmith might use to gain admission to your house or company when you call them out. They may employ a professional lock-picking kit or a bump key, depending on the type of lock they’re dealing with. Emergency locksmiths in Roswell, GA should be able to open your lock without damaging its internal mechanism in both cases.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of injury or death if you make an unsuccessful attempt to pick a lock. On the other hand, a novice locksmith could easily cause damage to the lock’s contents.

Pin tumbler locks, for example, have spring caps that can be popped off and potentially damaged. When the driver pins are too short, cylinder springs might potentially get stuck in the plug chamber.

There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind. The key itself physically prevents the pins from falling into the keyway when it is turned inside a cylinder. Turning the cylinder may snap or bend them if they made it into this channel. To avoid this, you must have a locksmith’s dexterous hands to prevent those pins from piercing the lock.

Locksmiths Are Required To Damage Locks In Some Situations.

In certain circumstances, the only way to open a lock is to shatter it in order to get it open. The experienced locksmiths who work for Action Lock Service take all steps possible to avoid an incident like this one. However, there are occasions when prevention is simply not possible.

They will tell you of the condition and offer replacement services in the case that it is necessary before they drill into the lock in order to get it open. After the procedure is finished, you will have gained access to your property and will have placed a new lock to ensure that your possessions are kept secure.

Where Can I Find a Trustworthy Locksmith in My Area?

In the event that you find yourself in need of an emergency locksmith in Roswell, GA, call Legacy Locksmith. We might immediately dispatch a locksmith who has extensive experience and training to your property or car in the event that you end up causing damage to the locking system. Get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning the method that enables us to unlock locks with the level of attention and accuracy that we do.

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