Can a Locksmith Open a Door with a Key on the Other Side?

Lockouts can happen anytime, and the frustration of being unable to access your property can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the key might have been accidentally locked inside the house, or you may have lost the key altogether. However, one question that comes to mind is whether a locksmith can open a door with a key on the other side. Let’s dive into the topic and find out.


How Can a Locksmith Open a Locked Door Without a Key on the Other Side?

It’s a common misconception that when you have locked yourself out of your property, you have no choice but to break in. However, a professional locksmith can come to your aid and help you unlock the door without causing any damage. Here’s how they can do it.

Method 1: Picking the Lock

Lock picking is one of the primary skills of a locksmith. A lock consists of pins that align at the shear line when a correct key is inserted. However, a locksmith can use lock-picking tools to mimic the action of a key, causing the pins to align at the shear line, thus allowing the lock to turn and have the door open.

Method 2: Using a Bump Key

Another method a locksmith can use to open a locked door without the original key is a bump key. This key has been modified to fit into a specific type of lock. Once inserted, the locksmith can force strike the key’s end, causing the pins to jump and align at the shear line, thus unlocking the door.

Method 3: Using a Plastic Card

If the lock on your door is a spring lock, a locksmith can use a plastic card to open it. The locksmith can manipulate the latch bolt by inserting a plastic card between the door and the frame at the latch bolt and pushing it back into the door. Once the latch bolt is retracted, the door can be easily opened.

Method 4: Wedge and a Long Tool

A locksmith can also use a wedge and a long tool to gain access to the interior doors of the car or house. The wedge is inserted into the gap between the door and its frame, and then the long tool is used to push the unlock button or the latch bolt to open the door.

Method 5: Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a common household item for lock picking in an emergency. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Straighten the first bobby pin: Take the bobby pin and use your fingers to straighten it out as much as possible. You’ll want to leave a small hook on the end of the pin.
  2. Create a tension wrench: Bend the second bobby pin into an “L” shape. This will be your tension wrench.
  3. Insert the tension wrench: Insert it into the bottom part of the keyhole and apply slight pressure in the direction you would turn the key to unlock the door.
  4. Insert the bobby pin: Insert the straightened bobby pin into the top of the keyhole above the tension wrench.
  5. Find the pins: Wiggle the bobby pin around until you can feel the pins inside the lock. When you feel the pins, push up on them with the bobby pin.
  6. Turn the lock: While applying pressure with the tension wrench, turn the bobby pin in the same direction you would turn the key to open the door lock.

Method 6: Drilling

This last resort method is only used if all other methods have failed. The technician will drill a small hole in the lock cylinder and then use a thin tool to manipulate the locking mechanism to unlock the door. After the door is opened, the locksmith will replace the old lock cylinder with a new one.

It’s important to note that a professional locksmith should only attempt these methods. Trying to open a locked door without the proper tools and experience can damage the lock, the door, or even injury. Other methods are a flathead screwdriver or spare key to unlock a door.


Can a locksmith open a door with a key on the other side without damaging the lock?

Yes, a professional locksmith can use various techniques, such as lock picking or specialized tools, to access the locked door without damaging the lock.

Is hiring a locksmith to open a locked door with a key on the other side legal?

Yes, hiring a locksmith to open a locked door is legal as long as you have the legal right to access the property. For example, you own the property or have permission from the owner.

Can I open the locked door with a key on the other side by myself?

It is not recommended to try and open a locked door with a key on the other side by yourself, as you may end up damaging the lock or the door. It is best to call a trusted and professional locksmith to avoid unnecessary damage and ensure the door is properly unlocked.

Can a Locksmith Open a Door with a Key on the Other Side? How Legacy Locksmith Can Help

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