Can a Locksmith Make a Key Out of a Lock?

If you’re stuck out of your car or home and don’t have any spare key, you may wonder if a locksmith can make a key out of a lock. The answer is yes; a skilled locksmith can make a key for most locks, including those found in homes, businesses, and vehicles.

A locksmith can use several methods to make a key from a lock. The two main ways are by impression and by code cutting. Let’s look at these methods, tools, and alternative ways needed for each.


Why Would a Locksmith Make a New Key From a Lock?

A locksmith may make a key from a lock in several situations.

  1. If a person loses their key and has no spare, a locksmith can create a new one by examining the lock and making a duplicate one that fits the lock’s pins and tumblers.
  2. If the original key is broken or damaged, a locksmith can make a new key by examining the lock and creating a duplicate based on its internal mechanisms.
  3. If a lock is old or damaged and no longer has a key, a locksmith can create a new one by disassembling it and examining its internal mechanisms to determine the correct key shape and size.

In all of these scenarios, a locksmith’s expertise is crucial in creating an accurate and functional key that will open the lock.

Methods on How Can a Locksmith Make a Key From a Lock


Impressioning is one of the processes of creating a key by making a mold of the lock’s internal mechanisms. To do this, the locksmith inserts a blank key into the lock and turns it to create markings on the key. The locksmith then uses a round file to file down the key based on the markings, repeating this process until the key turns the lock.

This method is often used when the original key is lost or stolen. It requires a skilled locksmith and additional tools to create a new key, but it is an efficient method that can be used for most types of locks.

Code Cutting

Code cutting is creating a key using the lock’s code. Most locks come with key-code cards that contain the necessary markings for the best locksmith Roswell GA  to make a new key. The locksmith uses a code cutter to cut the key blank based on the code, then tests the lock’s key to ensure it works.

This method is often used when the lock is in good working condition and the original key is unavailable. It requires a skilled locksmith and the right tools to create a new key, but it is faster than impressioning.

Lock Disassembling

Sometimes, a locksmith must disassemble the lock to make a new key. This method is typically used when the lock’s code is unavailable, and impressioning is not an option. Disassembling the lock requires the right tools and knowledge of the lock’s internal mechanisms.

To disassemble a lock, a locksmith will remove the lock body from the door and separate the lock’s internal components. They will then create a new key based on the necessary markings on the lock’s internal components. Once the new key is completed, the locksmith will reassemble and test it to ensure it works correctly.

Lock Cylinder Replacement

In some cases, the lock may be damaged, or the locksmith may be unable to create a key using the above methods. In this situation, the locksmith may need to replace the lock cylinder and create a new key for the new lock.

This method is more complex and requires more tools and services, but it may be necessary in certain situations.

Can I Make a New Key Myself?

If you have lost keys and need replacements, you can attempt to make a new key, but it may only sometimes be possible or practical.

If you have a spare or working key, you can use it to make a copy using a key-cutting machine or a key-copying service. However, if you don’t have a duplicate key or the original key is damaged, making new keys may require special tools and expertise that you may not have.

It’s important to note that attempting to make a key yourself without the proper tools or knowledge could damage the lock or the new key, making the situation even more complicated and costly. In such cases, seeking a professional locksmith with the skills and tools necessary to create a new key accurately and efficiently is generally advisable.

Can a Locksmith Make a Key Out of a Lock? Only a Professional Can Do

At Legacy Locksmith, we know a secure lock is essential to protecting your property or business. But what if you have lost the key? Can a locksmith make a key out of a lock?

The answer is yes! Our expert locksmiths in Roswell, GA, are equipped with the latest technology and tools to create new keys from an existing lock. Our team can also rekey a lock to work with an existing set of keys, eliminating the need for a costly replacement. We can even provide lockout services if you are stranded out of your property.

No matter what lockout solution you’re looking for, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can provide it. We’re tirelessly dedicated to giving you exemplary service so you completely can rest assured that your property is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how Legacy Locksmith can make a key out of a lock!

With Legacy Locksmith, you can trust us to help you through any lockout situation in Roswell, GA. Whether creating a new key from an existing lock or rekeying a set of keys – our experts are here to provide the solutions you need quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your property with our professional locksmith services!

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