Can a Locksmith Change All Locks to the Same Key?

Are you tired of carrying around a bunch of keys for your different door locks? It can be quite cumbersome and frustrating to keep track of multiple keys for other doors, especially if you have a lot of doors in your home or office.

Fortunately, there is always a solution that can make your life a lot easier – rekeying your locks. But can a locksmith change all locks to the same key? The short answer is yes, and learn how it can be done and its benefits.


What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is the known process of changing the pins inside a lock cylinder so that it will work with a new key. When you rekey a lock, you create a new key that will work with the existing lock. This is done by replacing the existing key pins inside the lock cylinder with new ones that match the cuts of a new key. Once the pins have been changed, the old key will no longer work, and the new key will open the lock.

Can a Locksmith Change All Locks to the Same Key?

Yes, a locksmith can change all locks to the same key by rekeying them. All your door locks will work with a single key, which is very convenient. When a locksmith rekeys your locks, they will change the pins inside the lock cylinders to match the cuts of a single key. This will allow you to use one key to unlock all your doors rather than carrying around multiple keys.


Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks

There are several benefits to rekeying your locks:

  • Convenience: Rekeying your locks allows you to use a single key for all your doors, which is much more convenient than carrying multiple keys.
  • Improved Security: Rekeying your locks can improve the security of your home or office by ensuring that only authorized persons have full access to your property. This is especially important if you have lost a key or recently moved into a new property.
  • Cost-Effective: Rekeying your locks is often much more cost-effective than replacing them. This can truly save you a significant amount of money in the long run; this is especially true if you have a lot of doors that need to be rekeyed.
  • Compatibility: Rekeying your locks is a great way to ensure all your locks are compatible with a single key. This can be very useful and convenient if you have locks from different manufacturers or different types on your doors.

Rekeying Multiple Locks

While it is possible to rekey locks yourself, hiring a professional locksmith technician to do the job is generally recommended. This is because rekeying locks requires specialized tools and expertise that most homeowners still need. Additionally, a professional locksmith can ensure that your locks are rekeyed correctly, preventing problems down the road.

You need a rekey kit and tools to rekey your locks with the same brand or keyway. Rekeying kits can be purchased at most hardware stores and come with detailed instructions on how to rekey your locks. However, remember that rekeying locks can be complicated, and if you make a mistake, you could lock yourself out of your property.

Changing Lock Versus Rekeying

If you’re concerned about the security and protection of your home or business, you may wonder if you should change all the door locks to the same key or rekey them. While both options can help you achieve greater security, there are some key differences between these two that you should be fully aware of before making a decision.

Changing Locks

Changing locks means replacing the entire lock mechanism on each door. This option is ideal if you want to upgrade to different brands or types of locks or if your current locks are old and no longer functioning correctly. It’s also a good choice if you want to match all the locks to a single key, as you can choose a lock brand and model that is compatible with your key.

However, changing all the locks can be expensive, especially if you have many doors in your home or business. It can also be time-consuming, as you’ll need to remove the old lock, install the new one, and adjust the door frame to accommodate the new lock.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks involves changing the key pins inside the lock cylinder so the lock can be opened with a new key. This process can be completed relatively quickly and is typically less expensive than changing all the locks. Rekeying locks is also an excellent option to limit access to your property, as you can change the key without replacing the entire lock.

To rekey a lock, a locksmith will use a unique tool to remove the lock cylinder from the door. They will then remove the existing key pins and replace them with new ones that match the cuts of a new key. The locksmith will then reassemble and test the lock to ensure the new key works.

Choosing Between Changing Locks and Rekeying

If you’re trying to decide between changing all the locks and rekeying them, there are several factors to consider. If your existing locks are in good condition and you’re happy with their functionality, rekeying may be the better option. This is especially true if you’re on a tight budget, as rekeying is typically less expensive than changing locks.

On the other hand, changing locks may be the better option if your locks are old or damaged or if you want to upgrade to a different type. This will allow you to choose a more secure lock that meets your specific needs. Changing locks can also be a good option if you want to match all the locks to a single key.

Can Legacy Locksmith Change All Locks to the Same Key?

Legacy Locksmith offers various services in Roswell, GA, to ensure the security of your home or business. One of our services is changing locks to use the same key. With our expert technicians and considerable experience, we can guarantee that your lock change will be done efficiently and to a high standard.

We specialize in rekeying locks when possible instead of replacing them entirely. This saves time and money while ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Our technicians are familiar with all major brands, so no matter which type of lock system you have installed at your property, we can ensure it functions properly with just one key!

For added convenience, once the locks have been changed to the same key, we can provide you with copies of your single key. This will eliminate your need for multiple keys to access different parts of your home or business.

Contact Legacy Locksmith today if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced locksmith service provider in Roswell GA locksmith and surrounding areas. We are here to help you keep your property secure and accessible with one convenient key! Call us now for any queries and bookings!

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