4 Ways to Secure Your Glass Sliding Door

In this day and age, most modern houses employ glass sliding doors to make it more appealing. Not only do they enhance the beauty of the house, but they also let natural light in and who would not want that? Homeowners and interior designers love this about glass sliding doors, but so do burglars and thieves. Most burglars enter a home through the front door but 22% of burglars enter through the back door which includes sliding glass doors. They are a favorite of burglars because they are usually placed in parts of the house that is not in plain view sight and is often overlooked by the owners. Not only that, glass sliding doors use simple locks that are not really secure which makes it more vulnerable to break-ins. They are really easy to unlock, particularly by seasoned and expert burglars.

Glass sliding doors are not the most secure way of protecting your home and your family. But the good news is you can easily reverse this by taking these security measures below. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve these as these tricks are reasonably priced and do the job right. Here are four tips for improving the safety and security of a sliding door:

1. Reinforce the glass by adding a window film.
The purpose of installing glass sliding doors is to allow natural light in but it has a negative side to it, it gives burglars plain view to the inside of your house. Adding some form of cover can surely help like curtains and even opaque blinds. They can prevent other people from taking a peek at what’s inside your home and can also help hide your absence.

4 Ways to Secure Your Glass Sliding Door

A more secure way of securing your glass doors is by reinforcing them with window films. The film basically makes the glass shatterproof and holds all the shards in place. Even if the burglar smashes, the window film holds the glass together. This increases the time and effort for the intruder to get in the house, enough time for any witnesses to call for help and the police to arrive.

A more expensive route would be to change the glass on your sliding doors with a more durable, stronger glass but this requires professional help and a considerable amount of money.

2. Install a slide-locking bar or dowels.
Most sliding doors come with metal bars or rods for added security. They are cut to fit in the bottom tracks of your sliding door and keeps the door from being slid open even when the lock or latch is open. If your sliding door does not come with a metal rod, you can buy a wooden dowel from your local hardware store. You need to make sure that it’s the right length and that it’ll fit snugly. When locking up your home for the night or going out, simply fit the dowel into the tracks.

3. Replace the latch with high-security locks.
Most sliding glass doors come with simple latches and these are not enough to keep the bad guys away. The latches that they come with can be easily opened by burglars just by jiggling them. A better option for you to make is to reinforce your sliding doors with locks that can only be accessed from the inside. You can contact your local locksmith to choose what your best option is for a high-security lock that you can install on your sliding doors.

4. Connect your sliding door to the security system.
Adding a security system to your house is the best investment you can make for you and your family. It is an ideal way to deter burglars and other crimes from happening. If you already have a security system at home, you can then ask your residential locksmith to have your sliding door wired to the system so that you will be notified in case they were opened unexpectedly. If this is an expensive route for you to take, you can simply add contact sensors on the inside of your door.

All doors require a special type of attention to better secure your home, and that includes sliding doors. Enhancing the security of your glass sliding doors is equally important as it will help deter thieves and burglars from committing a crime in your home. If you are looking for ways to secure your sliding doors, feel free to contact us at Legacy Locksmith. We will help you secure your homes at reasonable rates.

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