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Roswell is basically a city in North Fulton County, Georgia, United States. This city is really very beautiful and one of the cleanest cities in the USA. The overall infrastructure and city design is also pretty much commendable for the people. According to the 2010 census of the United States, the population of this astonishing city was around 88,346 which makes Rosewell the eight most popular city of the United States. There is cleanliness all around the city making it a perfect place to visit during the holidays. 

Moreover, there are a limitless number of opportunities for youth in this city to come here and start a business. Many of the big entrepreneurs and businessmen of the United States come from this city of incredible potential. 

There are so many spectacular tourist spots in this city like Barrington Hall, Old Mill Park etc. God has gifted an incredible extent of beauty to this city which makes it a perfect choice for the tourists. Furthermore, there are so many clubs, bars and casinos present in Roswell, Georgia where people can go and chill around. This city also has an excellent road connectivity with neighbouring cities like Atlanta. Many of the residents of Roswell work in Atlanta to earn their livelihood. Between Atlanta and Roswell, there is a section of Route 400 which is known as a high tech corridor where offices of leading IT companies like Kimberly Clark are present. 

Festive celebrations in Roswell, GA is another very remarkable thing which attracts tourism from other cities of the United States. Roswell memorial day, which is the largest memorial day in Georgia, is celebrated by their citizens on a very high note and encouragement. People gather around at one place and celebrate memorial day with full energy and enthusiasm. We will talk more about all the incredible and hidden wonders of this city further in this blog.

Roswell GA

Popular places in Roswell, GA 

There are a very limited number of popular places for tourists in Roswell because it is a small city. But all the available places are really very impressive and wonderful to visit at least once. Here are some of the popular places of Roswell, GA where you must plan to visit as soon as possible:

  1. Barrington Hall: Barrington Hall is basically a mansion which is really very attractive and beautiful. According to history, this historic mansion was constructed by Roswell king, who is also the founder of Roswell city. The popular Atlanta magazine has listed this incredible monument in the list of Top 50 most beautiful places in Metro Atlanta. The mansion is eye-attracting from outwards and it is also pretty much erotic from inside as well. The citizens of Roswell can organize any family function or events in this mansion anytime throughout the year. This historic place is known for its beauty and creative designs. Tourists may visit this place and can witness this incredible piece of beauty by themselves.
  2. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area: This is by far a very great place in Roswell, GA where a lot of different sight viewing spots are present between Atlanta and Lake Sydney Lanier along the chattahoochee river in Georgia. This national recreation park was established by the then president of the USA way back in 1978. The chattahoochee river has almost more than 23 species of fish in it which tourists can see while sightseeing the views. It is a very beautiful place for tourists with basic facilities available all over the different spots. You can also purchase gifts for your loved ones from the gift shop available inside the place. 
  3. Jones Bridge Park: This park in Roswell, GA is a popular spot for tourists where they can go out with their children and can enjoy the beauty of natural greenery and blushes. There is a featured playground, sand volleyball court and riverside place for fishing and swimming available for the visitors. The Jones Bridge Park is built near the chattahoochee river which allows the visitors to do fishing and swimming. Children can play with each other in the playgrounds. When you get exhausted, you can sit in the restaurant available inside the park and can order your favorite food. 
  4. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church: The Johnson Ferry Baptist Church is again one of the most popular places in Roswell, GA where you can go, sit and can pray for the well-being of your family and friends. The church is built incredibly well with great infrastructure. You can go there anytime when it is open and can spend some quality time there searching for inner peace. 
  5. Roswell Town Square: The Roswell town square place is another impressive place to visit with your family in Roswell city. Though the area of this park is comparatively smaller in size, still all the events hosted by the people here are always very energetic and awesome. Incredible structures and decent landscape views attract people towards this park in large numbers. Top-quality packaged bakery food is also available in the restaurants present inside this park. 
  6. Roswell Riverwalk Boardwalk: This amazing tourist spot in Roswell is really an exciting place where a beautiful Boardwalk is constructed over a river on which tourists can walk around for enjoyment. Roswell Riverwalk Boardwalk is an incredible, beautiful and silent place to go around for getting inner peace. You can also sit around the place on the benches and can enjoy the beautiful scenes of sunset in late evening time. Residents of Roswell generally come here for jogging and walking purposes. However, this place is a little far from the main city center, that’s why you won’t find a lot of people there. 
  7. Sweat Mountain: To witness some iconic scenes of great and huge mountains, you must visit Sweat mountain place where you will get all these. You may plan a picnic with your close friends and can travel to this place which is located in northeastern Cobb county, Georgia. Sweat mountain is also a part of the ridge that divides chattahoochee river basin to the south and southeast. This place is the second-highest place in the county which is followed by Kennesaw mountain which is the topmost point in Cobb county. Overall in one note, Sweat mountain is a great place to visit in Georgia at least once where you will see some blissful scenes and great treasures. 
  8. Computer Museum of America: This great museum palace is located at the Roswell Town center. A vast collection of rare and vintage supercomputers of past times are displayed in this museum. You can visit there and can analyze all these supercomputers for your studies if you are related with the IT department or field. You will get to know all about the phenomenal changes in computers that have been observed to bring a Digital revolution from past few years inside this museum. You can capture the details of every computer or gadget displayed in this museum in your camera. This place is located in the middle of the city center, that’s why you will always see a huge number of visitors over this place. 
  9. Vickery Creek Waterfall: This spectacular place is really a mind-blowing spot for the visitors where they can enjoy the live scenes of long waterfall. This place is located near the chattahoochee river national recreation area. Vickery Creek Waterfall is a terrific place to visit with your family and friends if you are feeling exhausted. Tourists will definitely feel more relaxed and happy after seeing all these beautiful natural scenes of waterfall and blushed greenery.                       
  10. Martin Lake: This place in Roswell Georgia is another very commendable place to visit for the tourists which will make them feel more relaxed. Here at this place, you can swim or ride inside a boat for fishing or canoeing. The lake is not too big in size, but tourists still love to visit this place frequently due to its extraordinary beauty and great natural scenery.

Geography of Roswell, GA 

This incredible city of Roswell is located in northern fulton county, Georgia. On the southern boundary of this city flows the chattahoochee river which is common for many tourist spots in Roswell. To the east of this city, popular Johns creek is present which is again a very great place to visit for the visitors. The overall climatic conditions of Roswell remain very charming and mesmerizing throughout the year. Rainfall frequently comes in this city making weather more commendable and appealing for the visitors from other cities and states.

According to the report of the United States Census Bureau, the overall land area of Roswell is roughly around 42 square miles on which a population of almost 88,346 people lives. Out of 42 sq. miles, around 1.3 sq. mile is occupied by the water bodies like rivers or lakes and the rest of the area is occupied by land. This city shares its border to the north with Milton and to the south by Sandy Springs. The overall geographical conditions of this city is very much commendable making it a popular tourist spot in the United States. 

Demographics of Roswell, GA 

Analyzing the total population of Roswell city, then according to 2010 census of the United States Bureau, the total population of this city was counted to almost 88,346. The majority of the citizens of Roswell are White people with an average percentage of 75% of the total population. Around 11.7% of the total population are Black people who are either African American or African people. Citizens of Asian subcontinent also live here in this beautiful city with an average percentage of around 4% of the total population. 

The population density of Roswell is 2086.5 people per square mile. Roswell city was listed at 76th spot among the list of top 100 cities to live in the United States by CNN which is probably a massive achievement considering the total population and total land area. Crime rate in this city is almost negligible and citizens here in this city live with peace and prosperity. Roswell, GA has been listed at 18th spot as the safest city in the United States in the 2006 census. 

The average per capita income of every citizen in Roswell is roughly around $73,469. Business expansions and setups are easy to make in this city due to boundless business doing rules. This city creates a huge number of employment opportunities each year that is really very commendable for its economic growth.  

History of Roswell 

The vast history of Roswell, GA starts from 1830 when Roswell king comes on a trip to northern Georgia. He observed the great potential of this city and set up a cotton factory there which provided employment to many people at that time. That mill was named Roswell Mill which later became the largest mill in Northern Georgia. As time passed, a new king named Barrington came into power and he built the famous Barrington hall which was his home at that time. Roswell city was a part of Cobb county when it was first settled. But later on when the United States was facing a huge economic depression in late 1931, people of Roswell demanded to put both Milton (which neighbours Roswell) and Rosewell under the Fulton County. And from that time onwards, Roswell became the part of north fulton County, Georgia. This decision was implemented in 1932.  

Roswell city is now settled perfectly and its population has been increased most steadily over the last 15 years. The old mill is still a popular tourist place in Roswell where visitors come frequently to witness the evidence of the vast history of this city. Modern Civilization of this city was perfectly executed to ensure that it will become an ideal place for every citizen of the United States to come or reside here in Roswell. 

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