Advantages of Using a Master Key System for Your Commercial Properties

As a commercial property owner, balancing the security of your premises while providing employees access to certain parts of the building so as not to affect their productivity and work can be a gargantuan task. This may be a frustrating situation for every property owner who wants to secure their place, but not anymore with master key systems. Having a master key system in your property provides the solution to your problem as it allows you to maintain a certain degree of control where security and access are concerned. The following are the advantages of using a master key system for your commercial properties.


This is the top reason why most business and commercial property owner resort to having master key systems installed in their properties. A master key system provides convenience as you only use one key to open all the doors, and this is called the “master key”. You will have access to all points of entry in any building or property, which is an efficient means in monitoring rooms and certain areas. Not only that, you can tailor your master key system according to your needs. You can design it to give employees access to only the areas they need, limiting access only to a certain individual or individuals.

Advantages of Using a Master Key System for Your Commercial Properties


Following up on the advantage mentioned above, being able to design your system and limiting the access of employees to areas they only need helps prevent employee theft or unauthorized use of the building. This is ideal for properties with high foot traffic or companies with a high rate of employee turnover.

Lock and Key Replacement

Having a master key system allows for an easier and faster lock and key replacement whenever the need arises. This is a cost-effective solution for when there is a breach in security and you need to change your locks. Instead of installing or changing more locks, you need only to change one key and re-key your existing locks.


Master key systems can be created and used in any type of commercial property, from hospitals, apartment complexes, business offices, and more. You can design it in a suitable way to restrict access based on an individual’s responsibility or standing within the company. It is also very simple to organize according to the workflow of your office.

Key Management

Having a master key system eliminates the need for cumbersome and confusing array of keys you need to keep track of. As the property owner, you only need one key to open every door. Aside from that, you can also manage every key that you have provided to other people. It allows accurate records of keys and who has the keys can be easily kept.

The master key system is a great investment for every business and commercial property owner. It gives you the opportunity to improve your security system because you can designate specific areas where specific keys will only operate. If you are looking to have one installed in your property, then contact us at Legacy Locksmith. We offer a wide range of commercial keying services.

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